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Off Road Vehicle Recovery

Off roading adventure is filled with fun and excitement. But it can be challenging if you get stuck. Off road recovery in Hobart should always be considered when you’re exploring unfamiliar terrain and difficult areas. But sometimes, no matter how you prepared for the eventuality, you just have to call in the experts to get you out of the situation you and you’re vehicle is in. That’s why you should have the number of a reliable vehicle recovery company on speed dial. TAS TOW & RECOVERY 0400 555 997.

Off road heavy vehicle recovery needs specialised equipment and vehicles to safely extract stuck or disabled off-highway vehicles (OHVs) like 4x4s, utility terrain vehicles (UTVs), or all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), and others from challenging terrain like mud, sand, steep inclines, rocky grounds, and the like. As the choice towing and 4×4 recovery company in and around Tasmania, we are well-equipped to retrieve your vehicle no matter how challenging the terrain it’s stuck in.

Off Road Vehicle Recovery
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Tools of the Trade

As one of the preferred towing and bogged vehicle recovery companies in and around Tasmania, TAS TOW & RECOVERY is well-equipped to take on the challenging task of retrieving your OHV whether it got stuck in the mud during your off road adventure, rolled over during an accident, submerged in a swamp, abandoned in a grassy knoll, or just broke down on a steep hill. We have the manpower and resources to retrieve it as carefully as possible.

Our tools of the trade can easily get any OHV out of the locations mentioned above including tight enclosures, embankments, cliffs, canals, and the like. We have winches that can be deployed from all sides of the vehicle (front, sides, or back) enabling us to retrieve the OHV from any angle. We have 4×4 pickups, cables, hydraulic equipment, sheave blocks, and more that will give us access to recover your OHVs in whatever tight situation it’s in.

The best part? Our highly skilled team for off road recovery in Hobart ensures quick and careful retrieval of your OHV in no time at all.


We are a locally owned and operated Tasmanian towing and recovery company delivering reliable towing and retrieval services 24/7. Having been in the industry for many years now, TAS TOW & RECOVERY continues to provide a highly efficient pick-up service in case of emergency and send the right towing vehicle to get you out of a tight spot. We have a well-maintained fleet of tow trucks allowing us to retrieve and deliver vehicles and equipment of all shapes and sizes.

Expect a high level of professionalism that gets the job done on time as delivered by our friendly and fully-trained staff, from our customer service to our towing and retrieval crew. We know that having emergency breakdowns can be troublesome. Having a reliable service on hand that can get you out of your predicament quickly is what you need. At TAS TOW & RECOVERY, we genuinely care so you get to have hassle-free assistance from the choice towing and off road recovery in Hobart and around Tasmania.

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