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Equipment Transport

For professional equipment transport in Hobart, TAS TOW & RECOVERY is the towing company of choice. We have been transporting equipment for many commercial and industrial businesses for quite some time now, garnering positive feedback from our numerous clients that has made us the go-to towing service company these past few years for those who are looking for heavy equipment transport in Hobart.

Our experience and expertise will safely transport your equipment expertly and efficiently. We provide statewide service whether you want to have your equipment towed, moved, or relocated to another location. We handle heavy-duty, commercial relocation, and towing of heavy equipment, whether they’re scissor lifts, tractors, or heavy machinery. With just one call, our professional crew of towing experts is dispatched quickly to attend to your towing needs.

Machinery Transport
Heavy Machinery Transport

Why Hire Pros?

You wouldn’t entrust any industrial equipment to just any haulier or towing company that has not been vetted by many. If you check our social media, you’ll see how we have fulfilled to the full satisfaction of our clients their equipment transport requirements. More than that, TAS TOW & RECOVERY has transported thousands of tonnes of industrial equipment being used in construction, mining, and other industries.

Our crew of professionals has vast experience transporting various sizes, weights, and kinds of industrial equipment. So if you need heavy equipment transport, excavator transport, tractor transport you can always call our team. We can confidently say that their expertise and experience handling heavy-duty equipment or machinery has made TAS TOW & RECOVERY the towing and retrieval company of many commercial and industrial establishments.

We are very mindful and very cautious in loading and unloading equipment, strictly adhering to the safety measures established by the industry and the government. We strictly comply with all safety regulations when handling heavy equipment, machinery, and other vehicles. Our machinery transport vehicles are modern, clean, safe, and reliable, fitted with the latest equipment and transport gear that allows us to load, unload, transport, and properly set the equipment to your preferred area.

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We are a locally owned and operated Tasmanian towing and recovery company delivering reliable towing and retrieval services 24/7. Having been in the industry for many years now, TAS TOW & RECOVERY continues to provide a highly efficient pick-up service, including equipment transport in Hobart, in case of emergency and send the right towing vehicle to get you out of a tight spot. We have a well-maintained fleet of tow trucks allowing us to retrieve and deliver vehicles and equipment of all shapes and sizes.

Expect a high level of professionalism that gets the job done on time as delivered by our friendly and fully-trained staff, from our customer service to our towing and retrieval crew. We know that having emergency breakdowns can be troublesome. Having a reliable service on hand that can get you out of your predicament quickly is what you need. At TAS TOW & RECOVERY, we genuinely care so you get to have hassle-free assistance from the choice towing and recovery company in and around Tasmania.

Machinery Transport